About us – Conacul Serghiescu
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Our heritage

For sure, the house dates back in 1800, when Ion Serghiescu and then the revolutionist Marin Serghiescu “The National” owned this place.  The spoken local history says that it might be even older than that: the Vilara family, another Wallachian landowners, friends with the Serghiescus, hold it around 1700.

Nevertheless, the truth rests in the Ialomita river’s waterside, close to the graves of the former nobles. The old stone church, which might have kept written proofs of the old times, doesn’t exist anymore, and the new church only lodges the grave of the last governor, Alexandru Serghiescu.

The transformation

We saw it for the first time in 2010, in a happy combination of circumstances, and we immediately fell in love with it, intuiting its former beauty. We succeeded in making it our own and, after several years of renovations and various design works, we managed to bring it back to life.

We kept and refurbished as many original pieces as we could: heavy oak wood doors, ax handcrafted beams, sculpted columns in the veranda, wood shingle roof, interior arcades.

We designed the mansion house to our taste, natural and Romanian, we added modern and vintage elements and the result is an eclectic space of which we are very proud of.

To see the transformation of the mansion, drag the arrow on the images below to the left and to the right.